Tuckahoe Rd and Germantown Rd Flagger Volunteer Sign Up

Flagger - Tuckahoe Rd and Germantown Rd


The intersection of  Tuckahoe and Germantown Road (KY3056) is 37.4 Miles into the Intermediate routes. Riders will be traveling East and downhill on Tuckahoe when they T into Germantown Road (KY3056) and need to turn left.  Flaggers need to warn drivers headed north on Germantown Road (KY3056) to be aware of a cyclist approaching from Tuckahoe as well as those cyclists they will encounter as they travel farther North on Germantown Road (KY3056).

Be prepared for tour riders from 10:30 till 12:00

April 29, 2023
Start Time: 10:15 am
End Time: 12:15 pm
Available Spots
2 remaining:  

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