King and Queen of the Mountain

The 2023 Limestone Cycling Tour on April 29 will have four segments where a King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain will be awarded based on these rules:

  • No E-Bikes or any type of electric assisted bicycle allowed for segment challenge.
  • Participant must have registered and paid for the ride.
  • Your ride must be done on the day of the event and recorded on the Strava app.
  • Your ride must be a complete ride. (You must complete the route you signed up for, if you call for a SAG pick up you are automatically disqualified from the segment competition.
  • Segment start and end points will be marked on the road with white paint.
  • We will have one mystery segment that we have picked out on the course. We will not mark this segment in any way or tell you where it is. It will be one we have picked out on strava that is existing. 
  • You can only win one segment, in the event you win more than one segment in the event the second fastest time will be given the award for KOM or QOM
  • None of these segments will cause a participant to pass or miss a SAG stop. None of these segments will involve any bad/sketchy sections of road. None of these segments will begin near any intersections, signs, or stop lights. 
  • In the Event of a Tie on a segment the rider with the fastest over all average speed for the route they rode will be the winner.
  • Segments will be: Big Hiney, Vermillion Pike Climb, The 3 Sisters of Minerva Tuckahoe Road, and Mystery Segment.

Each of the eight winners will receive a hand-decorated brick from Maysville’s Market Street for their trophy display, plus $25 cash.