Limestone Cycling Tour’s all-volunteer meeting will be held on Thursday April 20 at 6 PM at the shelter in Maysville’s Rotary Park.

Thirty-five sponsors have contributed to staging the April 29 Limestone Cycling Tour to raise funds for the victims of the 2022 Eastern Kentucky floods. By April 16, two hundred thirty-nine riders had already registered.

A group of team leaders has held regular meetings since the fall of 2022. The Limestone Cycling League and Maysville Rotary’s goal is to provide Limestone Cycling Tour riders with a tour that is a safe, challenging, and enjoyable experience. For more info, read about all our promises to our stakeholders.

 We hope you will join us for pizza and learn how, with your help, our area can put its best foot forward for all the guests in town on April 29.


  • Kyle Pitakis, Marc Pawsat, and Peter Chamness will provide an overview of the events to help everyone understand their part in the success of the 2023 Limestone Cycling Tour
  • Volunteer T-Shirts are how our riders will identify LCT volunteers. Thus, we must spread our 50 T-Shirts out so every LCT location, other than flagger positions, has some folks with a T-shirt. (Because flaggers will be wearing safety vests, they will not receive a t-shirt).
  • Team leaders will then gather these groups and answer questions about their group’s activities.
    • Registration – Ann Gallenstein
    • Route – Kyle Pitakis
    • SAG Stops – Marc and Stephanie Pawsat
    • SAG Drivers – Jamie Collins
    • Flaggers – Dan Crum – Kirby Rosser
    • Equipment – John Hutchings
  • Any other suggestions to improve the Limestone Cycling Tour

We hope you will come and bring anyone you can recruit to help. We have open slots and will gladly tell them where they can help at the meeting on Thursday.

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With your help, we are on course to present a safe, challenging, and enjoyable tour.

What else do we need to do to make it even better?